What We Do

Being an independent musician isn’t easy. You have to work every single week without charging or charging almost nothing. Rehearsals are awesome but you don’t know what needs to be done in regard to production or image to make your band, or even your own persona, an appealing product.

That’s why we created My Song Store, which started as a platform to sell tracks on the internet and ended up as an advisor and promoting manager for independent musicians all over the world. We’re not managers per se, but we love music and want the artists to get the revenues.

We have two plans available for jumpstarting your career as an independent musician:


We’re here to advise you at any point. We just need feedback. Send everything you have and we’ll discuss how to make it the right way. The tracks, the image, the album’s art, everything has to be taken care of, and we will point you in the right direction.


We’re going to hold your hand through the process. If you want a record to be produced, we have the people to do it, if you want photo-shoots, we have everything set up for you to make it right. This is the most engaging way of working with us, and we take it very seriously.


We will guide you throughout the start of your career. Someone is going to be with you at every step of the process and will make every decision you don’t want to make based on your goals, includes bookkeeping. This is the most deluxe package, close to a band manager.