Tuesday Reviews – BTS / Hatchie

Another Tuesday, another set of reviews. This week on Tuesday Reviews, we’re about to show you two releases that although they may seem like they don’t belong to the same list, music is something that unites us, and that is something we strongly commute with. This week’s favorite releases were the following:

BTS – Love Yourself ‘Tear’

Yes, a K-Pop album, but this is not some random K-Pop band that only your 16-year-old niece will know, this is BTS, a massive boy band from South Korea that has been getting into the US market the last couple of years and after their showcase in some US events, they’re starting to become a big name here in the states.

This is an immense pop-sounding state-of-the-art record featuring rap like never before on a TBS album. It was written and arranged with help from Pdogg and Hitman Bang. More often than not, their songs go about mental well-being and social responsibility, which is a big thing in South Korea, however, many fans would like to listen to more personal songs in the future.

This record talks to you about that feeling you get when you are just coming out of a really intense relationship. That lingering moment of emptiness which all of us have been able to feel. While this could seem too dark for a pop-sounding extravaganza like this one, all the songs get to a wellness closure.

Hatchie – Sugar and Spice ET

Well, this isn’t an LP, but you can’t find ETs like this one every day, and it needed a good featuring on the Tuesday Reviews. Australian bassist and singer-songwriter Harriette Pilbeam presented herself as Hatchie is bringing us this collection and let us tell you, her version of dream pop is much poppier than dreamier. This is not a bad thing, we all love a little bit of The Cranberries on anything.

These verses and choruses are what the genre’s fans are here for, and this girl can deliver. The acoustic guitar on the first track, “Sure,” reminds us of older songs from the 90s and the bass line makes it all work well together. On the other song, “Try,” she dives into the healing process of a toxic couple. It isn’t a sexy song, but she definitely can put out a solid pop song.

While most pop albums are solely focused on any side of the spectrum in regards to a relationship, this album just wants to sink into the in-between, right when things are most confusing and feelings are under our skins. These melodies are great, and the sound is pretty decent too, that’s why it’s featured today, check it out.

Were your musical needs satisfied for the week? If you’re more into high-class produced pop songs, you can’t miss on the new BTS album, but if you’re more into the classic type of pop music, with gigantic hooks and big choruses, the Sugar and Spice ET will have you singing for some time.