K-Pop – Is It Here To Stay?

Many would like to believe that K-Pop isn’t a real genre, that it’s just a trend that will go away sooner than later. They have their reasons and they’re not wrong. Every major music genre that felt like dominating the world came down to nothing at some point.

Every Trend Dies

Do you remember when people thought that rock’n’roll was going to dominate the music industry forever? Talk about rap and trap nowadays. These things have been always this way. When people thought that something was going to stay forever on the top of the game, they sooner or later fall to see another thing rise up.

But, although K-Pop is just the music genre that’s currently dominating world stages, it won’t be the most dominating thing forever. Everything aside, it wouldn’t be fair to say that K-Pop isn’t a real genre, trying to brand it as a trend. To me, it’s a demeaning way of saying “I don’t recognize you.”

They’re Evolving Their Own Sound

It all started in the 1990s, when that kind of music was big everywhere in the world, they just picked up the trend at that moment. Some say that Koreans are living in the past featuring those boybands right now, but they’ve been evolving their own formula for years now.

It’s pretty simple to recognize a really old K-Pop song from a new one. They’re evolving their own sound without copying everything it’s done here in the Western like they used to do back in the day. The formula is working perfectly, as they’re now starting to dominate this market in the same fashion, and there’s not one artist from here to cash that niche. Maybe boybands aren’t as obsolete as we thought they were.

Variety and the US Market

Within the genre, there is a clear difference between some of their artists, and like every genre, they’re working really hard in order to create a visually appealing product that can be consumed by their prime market, which is South Korea. Things are changing though, and there’s one band that’s coming to the US with more force than any other, they’re BTS.

With their newest release, they’re opening up to the US market, and they’re actually living the dream. Girls, drinking, partying, luxury travels, and everything in-between are part of their gigantic business, and they’re still so young it’s ridiculous.

Some of the songs have English choruses in an attempt to lure some English speaking fans into their business model, which is one of the most proficient in South Korea. They recently showcased in the AMAs and everybody is talking about it.

Although people like to hear songs in English most of the time, the trend is changing, with artists like Shakira and Pitbull being big brands everywhere in the world, not just in the US. This change of mentality caused a stream of Korean music into our country. People don’t care anymore, and they shouldn’t.