Apply for a License

Here in My Song Store, we’re very grateful for what we do and are in constant search for people who are like us, who want to showcase and commercialize as much music as possible, trying to give the artists the recognition they deserve, and the proper compensation to make their lives viable.

If you love independent music and think you can realize if an artist will catch big audiences, you might be a good addition to My Song Store. We’re in search for an advisor who is like-minded and wants to start working as a remote manager/advisor. If you have worked managing artists, this could be a good niche to work on.

We love music, and we’re always trying to push the envelope, but this is a great responsibility. We have our standards, and we have to license every single one of our advisors before they can actually take on the job. The course isn’t easy, but if you have the proper taste in music and the knowledge to make it work, you won’t have any problems with the tests. If you’re a music lover, it’ll be easy!

So, apply for your license. If you like music and want to work directly with different artists, stop waiting and send us an email to and we will send you the course necessary and the tests associated with it. If you like music, you’ll get your license.

Apply for your license today!