About My Song Store

This is My Song Store, a website created by David Anderson back in 2005 which tried to help young rising musicians sell their music through the internet. Back in the day, the business model was pretty different, and things weren’t as flashy as they are today with the modern internet we have now.

Back in the day, being an indie artist was willingly be poor, as there was no way of selling your music. My Song Store sold a huge amount of tracks during those years using an old platform.

Things changed over time, and the business model had to change for good in order to stay in the game. My Song Store started operating as an advisor for independent musicians. This created a good environment for different artists and bands, and everything fell into place.

Currently, we’re in charge of the commercialization of music for different artists and bands. We offer different plans for them to jumpstart their careers and start working as professional musicians once and for all. We are trying to get music out for everyone to listen, just bring it to us and we will make it heard.

We serve as advisors most of the time, but we’re starting to see a bright future managing artists and bands remotely, making all the right moves to grow their brand as quickly as possible and let them do their magic.

In the end, that’s what we want, to let musicians make music.